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Acer NSK-AS00A Keyboard

How to take away AN Toshiba laptop computer Keyboard ?


1. Make certain the laptop computer is turned off and disconnected from its power connection. First  take away the battery from the laptop/ notebook.


2. Take away the screws on the laptop's face securing the keyboard. There are typically 3 of them, with one on both sides and a 3rd within the middle. they're going to all be directly below the keyboard. take away them with the acceptable torx or flathead screwdriver.


3. Open the laptop computer and appearance for the lockup latches on the keyboard. There are four of them among the perform keys at the highest of the keyboard. Push these latches

downward together with your fingers and therefore the keyboard can elevate up and out of the pc towards you.


4. Now pull the keyboard off of its tab slots on the bottom/surface and flip it over.


5. Seperate the ribbon cables linking the keyboard to the motherboard. Move up the connectors' lockup tabs together with your fingers, ensuring you do not harm the ribbons. release the cables and pull them off from the connectors. The ACER MINI D255 BLACK KEYBOARD Keyboard is currently freed from the laptop computer.


How to Install / Replace your Toshiba laptop computer Keyboards ?


While Replacing laptop keyboard, make sure the battery is removed & ac adapter is disconnected from laptop /notebook.


The first step while replacing your laptop/notebook keyboard is to remove the screws from the rear of your laptop/notebook. typically your laptop/notebook can have an image of a keyboard next to the screws that require to be removed. Otherwise, see your laptop computer manual or guide for details.

Above your Toshiba laptop/notebook keyboard, if there is cover panel, remove this part to easily access your Toshiba keyboard.


If you have got screws on top of your ACER MINI D255 BLACK KEYBOARD Keyboard, take away those screws.

Now that you just have removed all the screws, you're able to take away so replace your new ACER MINI D255 BLACK KEYBOARD laptop computer keyboard.


To remove your keyboard, take a skinny object and pry the keyboard out between the keyboard and motherboard. take care once removing your ACER MINI D255 BLACK KEYBOARD Keyboard.


Now your keyboard is lax, just disconnect your keyboard. In order to disconnecting your keyboard, look after the ACER MINI D255 BLACK KEYBOARD Keyboard connector and connector cable are not damaged . Unlock the connector cable device and detach your laptop keyboard. Connector cable should be easy to remove by simply sliding it out.


Now that Toshiba keyboard has been removed, ACER MINI D255 BLACK KEYBOARD laptop/ notebook keyboard is ready to install. See the backside of the keyboard. If you see any screw holes, you'll get a idea of placing the screw on the bottom of your laptop/notebook.

Connect your ACER MINI D255 BLACK KEYBOARD Keyboard to the motherboard keyboard joint slot. Secure the keyboard cable. Now turn your keyboard in position, and align the grooves on surface of your keyboard with your palmrest or plastic edge. Secure your laptop computer keyboard in position, make sure it fits properly and is easeful. Now just place the screws back in position.

Congratulations! you simply install and replaced your New ACER MINI D255 BLACK KEYBOARD laptop computer Keyboard.

Compatible Part Numbers:  

Acer 90.4GS07.C0R Keyboard,  Acer 9J.N3K82.S0F Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N2M82.B1K Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.00A Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.00E Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.00R Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.00S Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.00U Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.01N Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.10R Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.10S Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.10T Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.10U Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.20G Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.20S Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.40A Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.40E Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.40G Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.40S Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.40T Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.40U Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.41B Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.60R Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.60S Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.Q0E Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.Q0F Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.Q0G Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.Q0S Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.Q0U Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.Q1D Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.R1D Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N3K82.R2M Keyboard,  Acer 9Z.N9482.E1D Keyboard,  Acer AEXH9F00220 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9600220 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9E00010 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9E00130 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9E00220 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9F00010 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9G00010 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9I00010 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9I00130 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9K00060 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9P00010 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9R00010 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9R00030 Keyboard,  Acer AEZH9S00130 Keyboard,  Acer AS00R Keyboard,  Acer AS10R Keyboard,  Acer AS10T Keyboard,  Acer AS41D Keyboard,  Acer AS606 Keyboard,  Acer ASQ0F Keyboard,  Acer ASQ0U Keyboard,  Acer ASQ1D Keyboard,  Acer ASR2M Keyboard,  Acer ASS0F Keyboard,  Acer KB.1100A.080 Keyboard,  Acer KB.I100A.06 Keyboard,  Acer KB.I100A.068 Keyboard,  Acer KB.I100A.072 Keyboard,  Acer KB.I100A.085 Keyboard,  Acer KB.I100A.086 Keyboard,  Acer KB.I100G.086 Keyboard,  Acer KB.I100G.088 Keyboard,  Acer KBI100A090 Keyboard,  Acer KBI100A096 Keyboard,  Acer KBI100A113 Keyboard,  Acer MP-08H23SU-6984 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H23A0-6984 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H23A0-6987 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H23U4-698 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H23U4-6982 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H23U4-6983 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H23U4-6985 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26D0-698 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26D0-6982 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26D0-6984 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26D0-6986 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26E0-6982 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26E0-6983 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26E0-6984 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26E0-6987 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26F0-6982 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26F0-6983 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26F0-6984 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26GB-6983 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26GB-6984 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26GB-6987 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26GB-9201 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26I0-698 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26I0-6981 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26I0-6984 Keyboard,  Acer MP-09H26I0-9201 Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS00A Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS00E Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS00R Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS00S Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS00U Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS01D Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS01N Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS10S Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS10U Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS20G Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS40A Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS40E Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS40G Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS40S Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS40T Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS40U Keyboard,  Acer NSK-AS41B Keyboard,  Acer PK1306F0100 Keyboard,  Acer PK1306F01L0 Keyboard,  Acer PK130832A33 Keyboard,  Acer PK130A02A08 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE1000 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE1008 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE1012 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE1A00 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE1A08 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE1A13 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE1A17 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE2002 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE2004 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE2022 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE2A08 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE3010 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE3013 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE3017 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE3025 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE3A04 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE3A13 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AE3A19 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU1012 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU1A00 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU1A07 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU1A13 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU1A17 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU2000 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU2A00 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU2A08 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU2A12 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU2A19 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU3007 Keyboard,  Acer PK130AU3017 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D311308 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D31A04 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D31A17 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D31A20 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D32A04 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D32A08 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D32A09 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D32A14 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D32B09 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D34A02 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D34A09 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D34A13 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D34A18 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D34A20 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D34A26 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D34B17 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41A02 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41A08 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41A09 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41A14 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41A17 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41B08 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41B12 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41B14 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41B20 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D41B6 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D42A00 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D42B02 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D42B08 Keyboard,  Acer PK130D42B18 Keyboard,  Acer PK130E91A00 Keyboard,  Acer PK130E91A02 Keyboard,  Acer PK130E91A04 Keyboard,  Acer PK130E91A08 Keyboard,  Acer PK130E91A09 Keyboard,  Acer PK130E91A20 Keyboard,  Acer PK130E91A26 Keyboard,  Acer PK130ET1B26 Keyboard,  Acer V11102AK5 Keyboard,  Acer V11102AK5 TR Keyboard,  Acer V111102A34 Keyboard,  Acer V111102AK1 Keyboard,  Acer V111102AK3 Keyboard,  Acer V111102AK3 PO Keyboard,  Acer V111102AK4 Keyboard,  Acer V111102AK5 Keyboard,  Acer V111102AK5 GR Keyboard,  Acer V111102AS1 Keyboard,  Acer V111102AS2 UI Keyboard,  Acer V111102AS3 Keyboard,  Acer V111102AS5 Keyboard,  Acer V111102BK1 Keyboard,  Acer V111102BK2 Keyboard,  Acer V111102BK3 Keyboard,  Acer V111102BK4 Keyboard,  Acer V111102BK4 IT Keyboard,  Acer V111102BS1 Keyboard,  Acer V111102BS2 Keyboard,  Acer V111146BK3 Keyboard,  Acer ZE6 Keyboard,  Acer ZH9 Keyboard,    

Acer NSK-AS00A Keyboard  

Fit Laptop Machine Models:    

Acer Aspire One 521 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One 522 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One 532 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One 532H Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One 533 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One AO532 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One AO532H Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One AOD532H Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One D255 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One D255E Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One D257 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One D260 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One D260-2BQKK Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One D260-N51B/M Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One D270 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One D270-1410 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One NAV50 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One NAV70 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One P0VE6 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One PAV01 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One PAV70 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One POVE6 Keyboard,  Acer Aspire One ZH9 Keyboard,  Acer EMachines 350 Keyboard,  Acer EMachines NAV51 Keyboard,  Acer eMachines eM350 Keyboard,

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