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Acer 12V 1.5A 18W Micro USB Power Adapter


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Color: Black
Output / Current: 12V 1.5A
Watts: 18W AC Adapter
Plug Tip Size: Micro USB

WorldWide Ship 1 Year Warranty
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How to Choice Right AC Power Adapter:


1. Your new compatible or original adapter must have exactly the same plug (adapter tip) as the original one.

2. Your newcompatible or original adapter must output exactly the same voltage as the original one.

3. Your new compatible or original adapter must current exactly the same current or higher but they cannot by lower.


Before purchasing of any compatible or original Power Adapter you should make sure the ac adapter will give you the correct and suitable current output voltage.


To find out the voltage &current, first you turnoff your laptop/notebookand look over for a label; sticker or writing on lower part of laptop panel it showsyou voltage and current. It should look like for examples below:

The output voltage figure will have a [V] after the number i.e. 19V and the current voltage will have symbol ampere [A] or milliampere [mA]i.e. looklike 3.16A in example. You can also find these specifications on your original AC adapter. The Voltage variation must be within range of 10% variation of your original adapter 19V x3.16A AC Adapters Voltage that can be usable (18v-20v) The Amperes may be higher but they cannot by lower.


If you are purchasing a universal AC Adapter or Car Charger you will make sure the wattage will be the same or little bit higher of your original Power Adapter not much higher than the original one. You can easily calculate the Wattage by multiplying the Voltage with the Amperes for any adapter example i.e.(19V X 3.16A) = 60 Watts. There is no 60Watt AC Adapter so will need to select the next step up which is the 70 Watt AC Adapter.



If the wattage requirement for your laptop is lower than the 60W or 90W, adapter within this range will not damage your laptop; your laptop will only take the amount of power which it requires.If your laptop needs 45W, then either the 60W or 90W will work perfectly lower values in wattage 40W will not workable. If your laptop needs 80W then you will need the 90W one as the 75W one will not be powerful enough.


How To Test Laptop Power Adapter ?


Most newer laptop power adapters are sealed and you cannot repair them. If your power adapter got dead, you'll have to replace with new one.

1. How can you tell if the AC adapter is dead? You can test it with a voltmeter if you can or you can show that adapter to some technical person. That’s pretty normal and there is nothing wrong if the output voltage is a little bit higher or lower within range of given percentage, but if you are getting zero volt then the adapter is definitely bad.


2. If you accidentally damaged the adapter connecter/plug, you can replace it with a new one. Just make sure the new connecter/plug has the same size as the old one.






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